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DJ Timmy

I am the main script writer of my imaginary comedy series Sketches and Violence, and the frontman of the fictional pop duo Stockholm Syndrome. Our biggest fictional hit, which wasn't a big hit by any known standards used to measure top hits, was called Hostage of Love.

I like the expression "It's close enough for jazz" that describes a relaxed attitude towards life and an overall lack of fussiness, but I get mighty irritated by the expressions "to glove it" and "let me shake it from my very wide wizard-like sleeves", the first of which describes taking control of the matter, and the latter expresses a completely off-the-cuff figure, typically a very preliminary cost estimate.

I depict the world with the help of top lists, rankings and scores. I love the grand old men of synth pop, absurd and embarrassing British humour, Gillian Anderson, Battlestar Galactica, grandiose string arrangements and novelty snacks that combine sweet and salty in a mind-numbingly confusing manner.

DJ Timmy can also be summoned to step up to the wheels of steel to spin an uplifting set for virtual parties, guaranteed to be the gayest of gay disco selections that a potent straight man (or maybe a bi-curious one, if George Michael from around the time of the release of his Faith album stepped out of a time machine and approached me in his designer stubble and tattered jeans and all) has ever spun.

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